Welcome to Jo-nic Bloom Studio! A sisterhood community for women facing the UNPLANNED and UNEXPECTED. Join our unique approach to pro-life for pregnancy and wellness.

JBS Mission: We aspire to be a regenerative pro-life line of salvation for women through their “storms of life”. We do this through coaching, discipleship, and a sisterhood community focusing on one woman at a time.  

JBS Vision: To intertwine pro-life, earthly life, and heavenly life.  

What do healthy, loving, inspirational sisters do?  We love you, pamper you, support you, encourage you, and we tell you the truth. Loving sisters also cry with you, hug you, and share our most personal hardships, trials, and life with you. Sisters are all about the very best for you, we are PRO-you!  

Jo-nic Bloom Studio is all…about…YOU. We are Pro-life, Pro-Truth, & Pro-You.

At JO-NIC BLOOM Pregnancy & Wellness Studio we are waiting for your grand arrival. Similar to a mom about to give birth to her baby and we hear its first cry.  Sister, I want to share the truth, that first cry will be one of many as you journey through your earthly assignment- called LIFE.  Sister, did you know…YOU were created to Bloom?   

You were knitted in the womb of your mother?

You were set apart for greatness?

You were designed with a plan and purpose?

You were designed a masterpiece?

It’s truth, biblical truth. Unfortunately, during our lifetime, we are challenged by many “storms of life”. JO-NIC BLOOM Pregnancy and Wellness Studio offers FREE Pregnancy Services: Pre, mid, & post- services, FREE assessments, FREE coaching, FREE biblical teachings, FREE discipleship, FREE support, FREE prayer, encouragement, motivation, empowerment, and inspiration to help women navigate the unexpected “storms of life”. Storms such as: The Unplanned & Unexpected: Pregnancy, Divorce, Loss, Grief, Depression & or Diagnosis. Ultimately, to reduce the number of abortions, repeat abortions, divorce, and depression in hopes to lead women to salvation & a life of spiritual wellness.  

Join us in a unique approach to pro-life. Say “YES, I want to join in the mission and Pray, Donate or Volunteer!”