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Have you been stabbed in the heart?




Of course, it’s not an actual stab/pierce but oh, the pain of BETRAYAL is undeniable.

This type of pain can leave us in years of revengeful, anger, resentment, sarcasm, depression, and worse...not allowing us to trust and love again.

How do we as women move from a point of pain to a life of “moving on”?  I don’t mean move on and “find someone else” but one that is of peace and love?  I’ll share how…. forgiveness?  I get this question ALL the time.

How did you forgive him?

How do you move on as “if nothing ever happened”?

My answer, a desire. A desire to truly forgive. Which DOES NOT mean you are “okay” with what happened to you but that even in THAT pain, there is a lesson, a growth opportunity, and a necessary step to your best future.

I experienced betrayal and I didn’t turn to revenge, I turned to my bible. Mind you, I had not read it in years. But this betrayal was so painful it thrusted me dust it off and open it. I hung on to every word as though it was a tissue for my tears.  I was drawn to biblical truth.  It was magnetic. It was my bedtime story, my adult lullaby. This was the only thing that allowed me to have peace in a very painful situation. It also made me the woman I am today.

As I opened up to God and my tears hit the pages, God reminded me of all my sin. I remember thinking, God- what about Him?

But God continued to show me my sin. Even the little ones. Even the ones I got away with. The ones No-one knew about (but God did). He reminded me how God forgave me.

Can I share my prayer back in 2013?

God, I need you. I need you. I am so lost, hurt and I feel as though I can barely breathe. I need you. Help me to pray for him. Help me to see him like you see him. Overtime,

God gave me His ears, His eyes, and His heart.  It was as though; I was looking at my betrayal through God’s eyes.

Do you have areas in your life that you have received forgiveness?  Can you and will you extend the same grace that God offers us?  It’s only a willing heart that will allow God’s Grace to work through you and open the window to forgiveness.

-Silent Sister

“If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you.”
Matthew 6:14 NLT

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