You Were Created to Bloom!


Why are you hiding?

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the noise that you want to run and hide?

There have been a few times in my life where I felt that there was so much stimulus in my life that I wanted to run. 

And I wanted to run FAR.

In the natural it appears as though you are running away from your difficult situation due to fear, stress or some might think you are caving into the pressure.

Maybe that so called “caving in “ is more about “leaning in” - leaning into the one whom is higher than you. Your desire to flee could be your spirit needing divine direction.

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Be careful little ears what you hear

Sis - so many times, we lend our ears without the protection. Can you think of a time, that your mind changed, your view changed, your thoughts changed based on ONE conversation with someone? Based on this conversation or conversations you now start seeing everything he or she shared with you, in the precise way it was framed to you.

Prior to this, these thoughts, and perceptions were not there. So what happened?

Were you swayed? Do you now have feelings that were previously not there? Do you now harbor bitterness and resentment and catch yourself talking about the very same thing? 

Watching every move carefully. Worst- you are now fighting their battle.

Sis, you didn’t guard your heart.

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Will You Panic or Run?


  • Challenges are ahead - there is NO DOUBT about it.

Looking ahead, of what we see with our natural eyes, can be scary. We might be on a path ( as in the boat below), seeing a potential storm drawing it’s way near -

What will you do?



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Sibling Rivalry?


Does this ring a bell? 

I remember one humid morning in the 80’s I was getting ready for school. It was especially humid, so I remembered needing EXTRA hairspray. So, as I reached for my own, it squirted 2-3 baby squirts indicating I was out. Well, growing up with sisters, I KNEW where I could find some. I also knew my sister would tell me no if I asked her, so I skipped asking her because I NEEDED a YES!  So, when she was out of the room, I grabbed her aquanet and went to town on my 80’s hair.  I was now feeling confident. So as I strutted down the hallway as I was confronted by my sister with a pink can in her hand asking “ Did you use my hairspray” (in a very harsh, scary and all knowing the answer tone”. What could a little sister do but LIE. I confidently said, “NO”. Milliseconds later I feel fingers ruining through my 80’hair do! 

She tousled it with anger.

Why did she do this?

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Have you been stabbed in the heart?



Of course, it’s not an actual stab/pierce but oh, the pain of BETRAYAL is undeniable.

This type of pain can leave us in years of revengeful, anger, resentment, sarcasm, depression, and worse...not allowing us to trust and love again.

How do we as women move from a point of pain to a life of “moving on”?  I don’t mean move on and “find someone else” but one that is of peace and love?  I’ll share how…. forgiveness?  I get this question ALL the time.

How did you forgive him?

How do you move on as “if nothing ever happened”?

My answer, a desire. A desire to truly forgive. Which DOES NOT mean you are “okay” with what happened to you but that even in THAT pain, there is a lesson, a growth opportunity, and a necessary step to your best future.

I experienced betrayal and I didn’t turn to revenge, I turned to my bible. Mind you, I had not read it in years. But this betrayal was so painful it thrusted me dust it off and open it. I hung on to every word as though it was a tissue for my tears.  I was drawn to biblical truth.  It was magnetic. It was my bedtime story, my adult lullaby. This was the only thing that allowed me to have peace in a very painful situation. It also made me the woman I am today.

As I opened up to God and my tears hit the pages, God reminded me of all my sin. I remember thinking, God- what about Him?

But God continued to show me my sin. Even the little ones. Even the ones I got away with. The ones No-one knew about (but God did). He reminded me how God forgave me.

Can I share my prayer back in 2013?

God, I need you. I need you. I am so lost, hurt and I feel as though I can barely breathe. I need you. Help me to pray for him. Help me to see him like you see him. Overtime,

God gave me His ears, His eyes, and His heart.  It was as though; I was looking at my betrayal through God’s eyes.

Do you have areas in your life that you have received forgiveness?  Can you and will you extend the same grace that God offers us?  It’s only a willing heart that will allow God’s Grace to work through you and open the window to forgiveness.

-Silent Sister

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Are you stuck?

I am a woman who has been blessed with creative ideas and passion. I’d like to give credit where credit is due and that’s to our Creator God.

I have met so many women who are equally gifted but tend to feel in a “rut” or a holding pattern.

I see so much in them but it’s as if they don’t see it for themselves.

Today, I encourage you to loosen that grip of complacency & stagnancy.

Many of us have “been there”.

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Bloom-Talk BLOG

When I look in the mirror, I don’t recognize myself. Well, it looks like me. But this is what I see:

  • Puffy eyes
  • Imperfections
  • Tired
  • Swollen

What happened to that smile? I can’t remember the last time I smiled.   Lately, I have been rushed, in a hurry, eating whatever and just feeling exhausted. Same old routine. Alarm, get up, rush, coffee, fast food, work, rush again, run the children around and fast food again. Then finally plopping down on the couch with a little “somethin’ somethin’” in my glass or in my Stanley (you know those fancy to-go water bottles). I drifted off to sleep like I always do with NetFlix or social media in the background and woken with that daily alarm!

I look into the mirror, and it repeats itself: This is what I see:

  • Puffy eyes
  • Imperfections
  • Tired
  • Swollen

Today is different. Today, I profess self-care. I exchange what I see for something different:

  • Puffy eyes- I set a goal to drink water.
  • Imperfections - I begin a simple facial routine and begin using moisturizer and SPF daily.
  • Tired- I commit to walking around my house before I start my day.
  • Swollen- I set a water goal (2 Stanleys) 80 ounces.

It’s been one week and today what I see in the mirror is me falling back in love (with me) with just a little self-care.

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Could I Be Pregnant?

I’m anxious and I can’t’ sleep. It’s been several days. Four days to be exact. I am counting each day. I wake up every morning, run to the bathroom and hope to see my monthly visitor but once again…N O T H I N G.  My heart races. I am short of breath, and I am unable to sleep. 

Could I be pregnant? 

I am young and all these thoughts are running through my head. 

What if…

What if….

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Who Can Benefit?

Who can benefit?



Is Your Personal Storm Brewing?


We will all have tribulations in this life and this my sister is biblical truth. I have definitely had my storms: unplanned pregnancy, divorce, loss, grief and overwhelm. The beauty of our storm is the ability to lean on the one whom is greater than us. I can share with out doubt that these personal storms of mine have led me closer to my purpose, my assignment from God, my truths. Did my heart ache? Did I have sleepless nights? Yes and Yes.

I am here on this earth sharing truth with you as a result of these personal storms. Sister, it is important to seek biblical truth in all situations. Why you ask? Because truth is freedom. It may not feel like it but it’s true. The wisdom I have gained in every single storm has allowed me the confidence, assurance and faith that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. Here with you, to encourage you, support you, love you, inspire you, pray with you and YES, share truth with you!

This is what Big sisters do- sisters are all about you. I am all about YOU! Drop a prayer request and I will be honored to pray with you and or for you.

p.s. I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33


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